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Liquid Golf

2017 Event Information

First Hole: Fuego's Saloon

Tee Time: 1:00 pm

Day: October 7, 2017

Cost: $20 per person

Each Golfer will receive the following:

  • Club (Stein)
  • Golfing Shirt (Official Liquid Golf t-shirt)
  • Happy hour prices at each hole (bar)


  • Men's Champion
  • Women's Champion
  • Best Scoring Foursome
  • Best Dressed (Golf attire, male and female)

Liquid Golf Information

What is Liquid Golf:

Liquid Golf is a pub-crawl with a golf twist.  The course (bars) is laid out in a golf format.  Each player will receive a club (stein) that has three different fill levels printed on it, Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5.   Each hole (bar) will be listed on a scorecard with a pre-determined Par.  Upon Arriving at each hole, the golfer will have his or her club filled to the appropriate par level. 


Each time the golfer takes a stroke(sip) from the club, he or she will have earned a stroke.  There will be a time limit at each hole for each "Four-some."


Scoring and Penalties:

Just like golf, every stroke counts.  Once a stroke (drink) is initiated there must be continuous swallowing activity until the drink is finished to constitute a hole in one.  Any pause in drinking will be scored as a stroke.


  • Dumping out your bear in the toilet - 3 stroke penalty
  • Booting - 2 stroke penalty
  • Spillage (to be measured by bottle cap) - 1 stroke penalty

Marshals must witness entire hole per golfer and initial bottom of scorecard under each hole.  Only marshals can record a score.  All scores shall be recorded in ink.


Golfers can purchase a mulligan (stroke deduction) at the following rate:

  • 1st Mulligan: $5
  • 2nd Mulligan: $10
  • Each successive Mulligan: $20

A Mulligan shall be noted on the score card by designated marshals, and shall include the initials of the acknowledging marshal.  Golfers may purchase as many mulligans as they desire, but cannot reduce their overall score to below a 9.  There shall be no differentiation in terms of qualification for championship chug-off or tippy cup challenge between scores obtained with or without purchased mulligan.

Marshalls will also be there to keep golfers safe:

  • Keep golfers off the street
  • Keep golfers from driving
  • Keep golfers from vandalizing, peeing in public, or other such tom-foolery


Teams that finish in a tie will compete in a boat race in which the Stein is filled to the Par 5  level.

Individuals that finish in a tie will compete against each other in a drink for speed chug.  The stein is to be filled to the Par 5 level.

Remember, this day consists of fluid consumption.  This event is a marathon and not a spring.  There are no prizes for first to finish.  It is very important that everyone makes responsible decisions before, during and after this event.  Coordinate transportation, eat prior to/and during the event as needed, and pre-arrange your transportation post event.  Field marshals will be enforcing safety of the participants as well as course rules for this event.

This event is a fundraiser and is open to all, so invite your friends.

A course map and times will be handed out at the Club House.